Starting Swinging

Meeting Swingers Tips

Meeting Swingers Tips

As our technology is advancing by the second, many swingers are meeting other swingers via online. No matter it is from dating site or swinging blogs, it all seems easy and safe, but is it really?

Here are some tips that we find it very useful when dating, hope it helps you and your partner too:

  1. Be Honest – there is nothing worst then being lied to. Always be honest with yourself, your partner, and potential swinging couples.
  1. Writing a good profile – keep you profile short and friendly and avoid anything that are negative. Only write and describe the real you and don’t pretend to be someone you are not. Other then your email, never includes your last name, address, phone numbers or any personal identity information.
  1. Photo are a personal choice – a photo of yourself and your partner is not compulsory, if you do include one make sure it shows your faces and not shots of the genital or other bodies parts. Remember a photo means a thousand words. A large majority of swinging couples chose not to respond to profiles without photos.
  1. Before meeting – a chat online followed by a quick phone call is best before you decide to meet, but only give out your phone number if you feel comfortable. Your cell phone number would be a better choice than land line as it can be traced to the place you live with a reverse directory. Remember simple conversation can reveal much more about a couple than just chatting online.
  1. Meeting – only meet when you and your partner are ready to do so. Meet at a place where it is safe and away from family and friends, if they don’t know your lifestyle. Meeting does not mean that they are right for you and your partner. If they are not the people you are after let them know politely.

Lastly, never do or go ahead with anything that you or your partner is not comfortable with. Swinging is about having fun together and not just to satisfy ones' needs and wants.


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