Starting Swinging

Meeting Swingers Tips

Meeting Swingers

There are various ways on how to start swinging. Here are a few that you and your partner might consider trying:

Newspapers and magazines

This is not the most popular way of meeting swingers, but it is still seen effective in getting response. Many newspapers and swinger’s magazines has specialize section for this kind of ads.

When placing your ad makes sure you put your personal preferences clearly in an understandable form and it is advise that you leave your cell phone no. rather then a lane line. This is because lane line can be trace to your home address.

In house parties and on-premises clubs

This is one of the best ways to meet other swingers. Through events and parties you are in the fast lane to meet other experience swingers. However, during events and parties there is always fierce competitions for places as they clubs will only allow a small amount of first-timers to be admitted. Just be warned that memberships to clubs are quite expensive and if you do get in the activities that goes on might be a bit too much for beginners.

Placing ads on the Internet

This is fast becoming the most popular way in meeting other swingers. Many websites offers free placement of personal ads, while some will charge a membership fee to place an ad.

Free placements are good, but be aware of fakes and timewasters. Paid sites have more real ads and fewer timewasters. The only downside to placing ads on internet is that it can be slow and requires lots of writing before you get to start the meeting process.

Remember either way you choose to meet other swingers, you and your partner would be sure to meet some very interesting couples and have lots of fun and enjoyment.


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